Catfishing Rod, Master Series Chop Stick, 1-Piece Casting, Medium Heavy, 7’6 in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Finally a Catfishing Rod That Was Designed For the Task and Won't Break the Bank...Even When You Get Several!Are you ready to fight catfish with confidence that your gear is able to handle all the monsters you haul in? Get the Catfish Sumo Chop Stick today and you make the fight fun again!The Chop Stick is built to help you hook more fish, and land more of them, too.Have you thought about how much fun your fishing trips would be if you could...* Reach the areas where big catfish are feeding?* Detect more bites from fish?* Hook more of the fish you get bites from?* Confidently fight even a monster flathead or blue catfish?* Boldly control and land any fish?* Enjoy feeling the tug even when catching small channel catfish?Ready to fight confidently every time?When you don't have the right tackle, hooking into a large fish can go from being awesome to scary. When you aren't able to be in control of the fight, not only are you distracted worrying about your tackle failing or losing the fish, but sometimes you can become in danger of physical harm, too.Make The Fight Fun AgainIf you didn't have to worry about a big fish breaking your tackle, and your catfish rod had enough backbone to haul even monster fish, imagine how much more you'd be able to focus on enjoying the fight! Plus the Chop Stick has a sensitive tip that still makes fighting smaller fish fun!Anyone else fed up with expensive designer rods, fads that flash in and out, hype, and gimmicks?Fishing isn't new. But that doesn't keep new fads from popping up almost every day. It seems like a day doesn't go by that Youtube gets covered with some new gimmick, some magic piece of tackle, or some secret trick.But the reality is that there simply isn't any lucky spot, magic catfish bait, or secret rig. In all of our training, we focus on picking: The Right Spot, The Right Catfish Bait, and The Right Catfish Rig. That's why we refuse to promote products during our teaching videos. Because if you have a catfish rod that works for you, you don't need ours! But if you're ready to upgrade, our equipment should be some you consider.The only Catfishing rod in its class with a LIFETIME WarrantyThe Catfish Sumo Chop Stick has a LIFETIME Warranty that covers anything you could do to break it. Accidental, on purpose, whatever. If you can prove to us it's broken, we'll replace it. For life.How do you know if the Chop Stick Master Series is right for you?You might be wondering if The Chop Stick is right for you. Here's the thing--it's not for everyone. We aren't going to try to trick you into thinking everyone on the planet needs one. They don't.It could be for you if...* are tired of replacing low-quality tackle over and over*'re just getting into catfishing and want the best rod without spending $$$$$* haven't ever experienced the difference of fighting catfish with appropriate tackle* want to actually enjoy battling every fish you catch* use any of these methods for catfishing: casting, drifting, trolling, suspend fishing* fish from the bank or a boat* are rough on your gear and a Lifetime Warranty would put you at easeWho designed the Chop Stick?It was designed primarily by our Founder, Daniel Leake. He has (truly) a lifetime of catfishing experience and hunts monster catfish, on the water, almost weekly.We also had frequent input with our design team and help from our focus group. We went through dozens of rods--testing, bending, twisting, folding, smashing, and snapping them before we finally were happy. We refused to settle, and you'll see that when you get yours.Why's The Chop Stick So Special?Here's just some of the features:* This is a Medium-Heavy Casting catfish Rod that is 7' 6"* It's Moderate Fast Action - meaning the tip is sensitive enough to handle circle hooks, and detect channel catfish nibbles* Custom Manufactured Blank - we simply couldn't find anything that fit what we wanted. So we had one made just for us.* 1.0 has Full Cork Handle - Looks great and easily wipes down at the end of the trip* 2.0 has EVA Foam - Also easily wipes down, and holds up to trauma from rod holders a little better* Line Weight: 1.0 is 10-30lb, 2.0 is 10-50lb - for deep river monsters, and smaller pond fish* 1-6oz Lure Weight - sling large chunks of cut bait, dough balls, and stink bait* 1 Piece* 10 Strong Double-Fitted, low profile, Stainless Steel Guides that can take the abuse of braided line* Graduated Guides with a large bottom guide means you can use this catfish rod with a casting OR spinning reel!* Full Metal Reel Seat with Double-Locking Rings - nobody wants your reel seat to come apart in the middle of a fight!* Hook Tender Loop above handle* High Visibility Florescent Tip -easily see bites in the day and night* 13" Fighting Handle - tucks under your arm or into your side to transfer leverage through your entire body* High-Gloss Finish - wipe all the slime off at the end of the trip!If you need a pretty rod to match the color of your eyes, your handbag, and your necklace, you might need to look somewhere else. But if you want a quality piece of equipment, with a classic look, choose the Chop Stick Master SeriesWhat's with the LIFETIME warranty? Surely there's a trick?Here's the thing: Catfishing can be rough. You're out at unusual hours, sometimes in the dark, in/out of vehicles, up/down rocks, ramps, hills, and sometimes in dangerous areas. The Chop Stick is tough, but we could imagine that if you rolled a boulder over it, or slammed it in your trunk on accident, there could be damage.So every Chop Stick carries our LIFETIME WARRANTY. No matter when, no matter why. If it breaks, we'll cover it.The Lifetime Warranty requires product registration within 30 days of purchase. Then if you encounter any bad luck, just mail it back and we'll replace it for just 50% of MSRP. Deal?We also warranty our catfish rods against manufacturer defects for 6 months after purchase. This warranty applies to any purchase from an approved distributor and requires proof of purchase. Registration required for this warranty, too.You might be asking yourself...Can I use this Chop Stick Master Series Rods with a spinning reel?Absolutely! We designed this catfish rod with Graduated Guides, which means the bottom guides taper in size, so you can use a casting OR spinning reel with this rod!WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to (/) .

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