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Transfer your priceless memories before it's too late!
Weddings, Vacations, Graduations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions. Those old VHS tapes may already be starting to fade.
Videotape will degrade with time. DVDs won't.
Videotapes can be damaged by magnets or by liquids. DVDs can't.
200 VHS tapes would fill the bed of a small truck! 200 DVDs stacked would take up about as much space as a loaf of bread.
200 VHS tapes would weigh nearly 100 pounds! 200 DVDs would weigh less than 6 pounds(most laptops weigh 7-10 lbs).
I'll transfer your home movies to durable DVDs for only $14.99 per tape.

(Text or Email Preferred, When Calling, Please Leave a Voicemail)
I live in Cleveland(TN), but I make frequent trips to Chattanooga.
I may consider discounts for large quantity orders.
I can transfer from VHS and VHS-C tapes only.
You present your tape to me, and I will give it back in its original condition along with your new DVD for just $14.99
My experience consists of transferring over 300 VHS tapes to DVD for family and friends.
Location: Cleveland, TN

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